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Australian Aphasia Association National Conference

Perth,  6th -7th November 2023

I was honoured to be a guest speaker at the National Australian Aphasia Association in Perth.  My presentation focused on Primary Progressive Aphasia (PPA) and highlighted the similarities and differences between PPA and aphasia that results from stroke. Check back to see the video of the live presentation. It will be posted in a few days. 

UTS Speech Pathology students learn from an expert!


Primary Progressive Aphasia lectures provided in May 2023 featured insights from people living with PPA.  


Arlene Howes shared her experiences and provided expert advice on what people with PPA need from Speech Pathologists. 

IMG_3731 3.HEIC

Arlene Howes, Associate Professor Emma Power and Dr Cathleen Taylor-Rubin

"Semantic variant PPA"
Dr Cathleen Taylor-Rubin
An online presentation to the NSW Division of the Australian and New Zealand Society of Geriatric Medicine (ANZSGM)
1st March 2023

Speech Pathology Australia Online Course 

Macquarie University Dean's Award 2021

Screen Shot 2022-05-29 at 4.40.45 pm.png

UTS Appointment

March 2022

 NSW Health HETI  Seminar
"Primary Progressive Aphasia Workshop" 
Illawarra Local Health District Speech Pathologists
 May 24, 2021

Webinar for Sociedade Portuguesa Terapia da Fala 
(Speech Therapy Society of Portugal)
November 19, 2021.

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